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Saturday, March 05, 2005


Surf, Flight, and Photoshop

Last weekend at Bethany Beach, I spent about an hour freezing my pupik, trying to get a dramatic photo of gulls swooping low across the surf. As I looked over the images Sunday evening, this was as close as I got, but Gertie Gull in the background spoiled the shot of a beautiful flaps-down landing. So I just let it go and moved on to other types of pictures.

Gertie Spoils the Photo Posted by Hello

But taking a second look last night, I decided to see if I could make Gertie disappear. About a half-hour with Photoshop did a decent job, at least good enough for the 640-pixel-wide image here, I think.

Flared Landing Posted by Hello

I'm not very skilled or sophisticated at this yet - all I know how to do at this point is blot around the area with the Clone Stamp Tool, and I know there are better ways to do it. While this brute-force technique is often good enough for a web image, I'm not sure how it would hold up in this case if I wanted to make, say, an 11x14 print - the cloned-out area might look to obvious. I'm going to have to do some reading, or even better, pick the brains of some of my more Photoshop-savvy friends.

Meanwhile, here are some more of my Bethany Beach shots. I'm remembering to look up, look out, and look down, as these three examples show.

Look Up - Ice Cream Parlor Lamps Posted by Hello

Look Out - Bethany Boardwalk Posted by Hello

Look Down - East Jordan Iron Posted by Hello

hi Steve, nice to see all your new picture posts. Good job on the PS alteration of the gull picture. I'm not a fan of altered reality shots, but that looked pretty seamless. :)

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