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Monday, February 28, 2005


Going Antiquing

You see them all over the place - self-proclaimed antique stores that leave at least some of their stuff on display outside the store, all the time. Well, that stuff may or may not be antique-y, but often, it's quite photogenic.

American Flyer Posted by Hello

I spotted the colorful tableau above last week, once again during my commute, just across the highway, on a sunny but camera-less morning. I brought my camera along the next day, and with the weather cooperating, took the half-block detour to shoot American Flyer.

Antique Store Jugs Posted by Hello

I returned to the store a few days later, again taking advantage of early morning sun on the objects d'art arrayed in front of the store. There was more than enough to occupy me for at least a half-hour, and since it was still well before opening time, nobody to stop or even question me.

I've already made a really impressive print of American Flyer that I matted and placed in an 18"x24" frame - I'm debating whether to bring it by the store and show the owners. I don't know if they'll be pleased or annoyed - maybe a few photos of their objects turned into notecards would be a good peace offering.

There are several more of these "antique" images that are probably worth posting, and I'll put them onto the blog over the next few days.

Meanwhile, find yourself an "antique" store near you and help yourself to some of the treasures they leave outside. Photographically speaking, of course.

You certainly have your way with colour! It is your blog that inspired me to have my own. Thank you for the inspiration.
Nice ones, Steve. That's an interesting shadow on the flag, not what you would expect behind a wagon :).

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