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Friday, March 04, 2005


More Auto-Art

I had a little photo job scheduled for late yesterday afternoon, so I grabbed my camera bag as I went off to work. Seeing that it was a sunny morning, I was on the lookout for some more interesting parking lot reflections at the other end of my commute.

Window on Window Posted by Hello

This dark Toyota had a nice set of reflections of windows in its own window. I wasn't crazy about the background, but I couldn't keep it out of the picture and still get the grid reflections the way I wanted them.

My solution was to fade the background via a Photoshop layer sandwich. I selected the background on the top layer and deleted it, then reduced the opacity of the layer directly below until it looked good to me. A little bit of contrast added to the top layer completed the look I was after. Hope you like it.

This red Buick Century got a snazzy yellow pinstripe, courtesy of the yellow-painted curb it was reflecting.

Red Century Posted by Hello

This auto-art series is absolutely stunning. I have never before seen such reflections or maybe I have and just haven't "seen" them. I'm gonna look harder now that you've opened my eyes. Really good work!
Steve, good grabs on the auto reflections. Whenever I go to an auto event, I try to grab a few auto related abstracts too. Maybe I'll post a few on our other place...

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