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Saturday, February 19, 2005


A Good Morning

I often take my camera with me when I venture out on weekends because, well... you never know.

This morning, I attended an early meeting of an organization that I belong to. For various reasons, instead of our normal location, we met at Magothy United Methodist Church in Pasadena. I'd been there before, but never in broad daylight. With the meeting over, I started walking towards my car, parked by the old 1887 chapel.

The brilliant sunshine and clear blue sky this morning led me to see the old building in the abstract - the rooflines and steeple as a study in triangles. Glad I brought the camera...

Pasadena Rooflines Posted by Hello

Next stop was Home Depot to look for replacement cabinet hinges and a good utility knife to use for cutting large mat boards down to size. The long line of bright orange shopping carts in the sun made a good pattern, I thought. I'd shot this kind of thing before wide-angle, and today I thought I'd try using a long telephoto to get a compression effect. Glad I brought the camera...

Home Depot Saturday Morning Posted by Hello

Then off to Michael's, an arts-and-crafts supply store, to buy some 18"x24" frames for the prints from my Canon i9900. As usual, they put out on-sale items just outside the store, where I found these bags and bags of plastic Easter eggs. Glad I brought the camera...

A Sign of Spring Posted by Hello

My last stop before returning home was Art Things, Inc. in West Annapolis - a wonderful fine art and graphic supplies store owned and run by several lovely, knowledgable women. I just "discovered" it last week, but this wonderful shop has been a mainstay of the artistic community in Annapolis for over thirty years. I needed some acid-free linen hinging tape and mounting tape, and of course, they had it.

Like Michael's, Art Thing has some items displayed outside their door, only, well, much more artistically. Just as I was about to step off their front porch, I noticed this nicely-displayed tableau.
Tools of the Trade - Art Things, Inc. West Annapolis, MD Posted by Hello

Did I mention - I'm glad I brought the camera...

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