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Thursday, March 03, 2005


Her Majesty's A Pretty Nice Girl...

HRH Queen Elizebeth, the best-known reader of Imagine There's An Image, was so impressed with this ITAI post that she awarded an honorary knighthood to Bill Gates.

Read all about it here.

Round, Round, Get Around, I Get Around...

The author of a new and wonderful photo blog, Prairie Girl, generously credits me with the providing the inspiration to start her own blog.

Prairie Girl lives in the beautiful town of Obernkirchen in Germany and says her impetus for sharing her photos is "because, well ... here really IS different than there!" So I'm guessing that she is either a North American now living in Germany or a German who lived here for a while.

Whatever the case, Prairie Girl's premise is delightfully true, and both her writing and her photos are very enjoyable. Although she refers to herself in her very first post last month as a "photo-taking-rookie," she's a natural with a great eye for color and composition.

I was tremendously inspired by The Mother of All Photo Blogs, Dave Beckerman's online photo journal, which influenced me to eventually start my own. It's very gratifying to now have someone claim my blog as her inspiration.

Dear Steve,

You are very kind saying such nice things about me. And yes I am a North American now living in Germany. From Canada (as you might have detected from the way I spell "colour"). We are wafflers in Canada and can switch back and forth between US and British English. I quite like having that ability.

While I am new to photography I have had some experience with computer art so perhaps there is some overlapping of skills when it comes to composition and colour.

But I see now lighting really is the key to photography and I really am just learning about that.

And btw, speaking of inspiration. On a trip through your archive I encountered your "Flirting with Death" post and it was so validating because I often wanted to take some photos in cemeteries but always felt it just too weird of a thing to do. I look forward now to my own "Flirtation with Death". Please stay tuned.

Cheers and thanks again,
A Prairie Girl
(originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba)
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