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Monday, February 28, 2005


Looking Up

Yes, literally, things are looking up. This past Saturday morning, I went back to the Ranger Station on the B&A Trail to take some photos in the morning sun. I had passed by this old, brightly-painted house during my commute the day before, and I thought that with the right lighting, the architecture and colors would make for an interesting image.

B&A Rooflines Posted by Hello
Ranger Station, B&A Trail

Just as in the photos of the church in Pasedena last weekend, the best shot turned out to be one that concentrates on the rooflines.

Sandy and I trekked to Bethany Beach late Saturday and stayed overnight. I was up early Sunday morning, beachcombing for good images, when I walked passed this elegant beach house. By now, I'd learned to lift my eyes and check out the roofline...

Bethany Beach Rooflines Posted by Hello

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