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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Canon i9900 Review... Not Quite!

Yes, I know I promised this review a few weeks ago, and I have had enough experience with the i9900 to say some intelligent things, but I just haven't gotten around to setting them all down in a coherent manner.

Meanwhile, I thought I could get away with a few words and a few photos. The image below shows how I set up the i9900 in my small office. It's a very large printer, at least in terms of width, and would have taken up most of the space I had just freed up in my Massive Office De-Junking Adventure had I not installed this auxiliary shelf.

Canon i9900 - Worth the Space it Takes Up! Posted by Hello

I arranged a few 13x19 prints on and around the printer so that you could get an idea of the size. I can tell you that they are very impressive, both in terms of resolution and color rendition. The short story is that this is a superb printer for large photo-quality color output (I haven't tried B&W prints yet.)

I just took a class at a local arts and crafts store the other evening on mat-cutting, which turned out to be much easier than I had expected. After the class, I bought a Logan mat-cutting kit, although interestingly, the store doesn't sell uncut mat boards. Another local artist supply store had a good variety of 32" x 40" acid-free mat boards for $7.75 each. These are paper-based, the cotton-based "museum-quality" boards are about $14.00.

Sarrah J., a colleague of mine at work, saw my photo of the B&O Museum's clerestory roof that I posted to this blog a few weeks ago and asked to buy a large print. Armed now with my Canon i9900, my newfound mat-cutting skill, and two different color mats, I was able to fulfill her request to bring out the rust colors in the photo with some custom double-matting. I'm bringing the finished product, below, to work today (she'll have it framed.) Sarrah J. is a software test engineer, so I figure that if I can pass her Quality Assurance requirements, I'll be doing OK.

Ben Shows Off Canon i9900 13x19 Print Posted by Hello

Late breaking news: Sarrah J. just gave me the QA Seal of Approval... she loves
the matted photo!

Interesting blog I was looking for canon sd500 sites and learned some good stuff here thanks!
Have you tried any thick papers? Have you tried any Epson papers? Watercolor paper in particular. I'm about to buy a printer and it's this or the Epson which takes heavier paper.

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