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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Bowling Alley Abstract

I've always liked the "graphic" painted on the front of this otherwise semi-shabby bowling alley near my Mom's, and I've been wanting to try some "abstract" photos of it for a while. An overall picture of the scene is at top - not a beautiful sight as you can see.

Bowling Alley AbstractThis is the "abstract" image of the corner of the building, taken withe Canon Digital Rebel and "kit" 18-55mm zoom lens. I gave it some "under" exposure compensation so as not to burn out the white-painted bricks in the bright sunlight. The sky was already a deep blue, but the exposure shift deepened it some more.

The original exposure left some room between the top of the frame and the very top corner of the building. My West Coast friends at Friendly Photo Forum suggested I crop the photo so that the "peak" of the building touches the top of the frame - and I think that was a great suggestion. The two triangles of "negative space" that this creates at the top blance the "positive space" shapes of the main subject.

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