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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Yet Another Kid on Fountain Photo ...

Ben at Bethesda Fountain - Central Park, NYCOK, so he's a big kid. After posting that older photo yesterday, I realized I had photos of Ben in the same exact location - Bethesda Fountain in Central Park - the epicenter of New York City as far as Ben and I are concerned. Every visit we make to the city requires the obligatory pilgrimage to Bethesda Terrace. We may arrive at it from one of several directions, but we always end up here.

This photo is from our recent Drexel/NYC trip last month. Ben had climbed onto the fountain and asked me to take some "emo" photos of him - so he put on a serious face for the first few frames. Then I made some wise-guy remark that prompted this expression. Sorry, Ben - I like this better.

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