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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Donor Image of the Day

Usefilm.com Donor Image of the DayI was pleasantly surprised that a photo that I just posted to Usefilm.com was selected as "Donor Image of the Day." I took this one last weekend from the Eastport side of the Spa Creek Drawbridge in Annapolis, using my carry-everywhere Canon A620.

Spa Creek Bridgewalker - Annapolis, MD  Canon A620Besides acting as an online portfolio, Usefilm.com also allows for member-to-member feedback on photos. In this case, I got some very good advice from Hugo de Wolf, a talented photographer from Haarlem in The Netherlands.

Hugo suggested that the lamp on the left side of the photo was detracting from the main subject. He also made some good suggestions for slight recropping of the image.

I took his advice, and the result is the second photo here, which I think benefits greatly from Hugo's kind comments.

Dank u heel veel, Hugo!

Thanks, Steve! Cool to see my name come up in your blog....:) A thank you for your kind words would be in order, I guess!

Nice to browse the items you've been posting, too - good reading!


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