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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Parliament Hill, Ottawa PQ - Canon A40We'll be heading up to Ottawa in a few weeks to visit Sandy's family. I think Ottawa is a beautiful little city... between April and October. Actually, it's very beautiful any time of the year, but since I am a total cold-weather wimp, and since Ottawa is the second-coldest capital city in the world, I try to stay away November through March.

So anyway, I'm already thinking about photo opportunities there. Our last visit was in mid-April 2003. I took two old film cameras with me and my then-almost-new Canon A40 2MP digicam. This time, I'll be going all-digital.

But the main difference, of course, is not the equipment, but the photographer. I now have three whole years additional experience - thousands of photos, and I've learned a lot from all that. If I have a chance, I'll try shooting some of the same scenes I did three years ago and see if there's a difference.

Hi Steve, just came across your blog and remembered your name from UF. I'm not on that site anymore...got thrown off :) (long story) but i thought i drop by and say hi because if i remember correctly we have exchanged a few comments in the past.
Best wishes from Switzerland
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