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Saturday, March 25, 2006



Stack O' Stetsons - Steamboat Springs, ColoradoI went spelunking into my digital archives and found a few photos from my workshop with Karen Gordon Schulman in 2003.

I had never played with this Stack O' Stetsons image before, and thought I'd give it the Scott Kelby B&W treatment that I described in my previous post. What do you think? I'd say it turned out pretty good.

The original image, straight out of my old Canon A40 2MP digicam, is below. I always thought theat there was a decent photo in there somewhere. Cropping very tight to get rid of background distractions and converting to B&W to emphasize the shapes brought it out.
Stack O' Stetsons - Unmanipulated Image

News flash 3/25/2006 10 PM ... well, what do you know - I posted the B&W image on Usefilm.com today, and ended up with another "Donor Image of the Day" award.

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