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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Bethesda Fountain Towhead

Bethesda Fountain Towhead - Central Park, NYCAnother photo from the Archives. This one was also taken in my pre-digital days, Summer 2002 to be exact, on a day trip to New York City.

The camera was a Soviet-made Zorki 3M, built circa 1956, with a Jupiter-8 50 mm f/2.0 lens. Metering was with a hand-held Lenigrad-2 meter (I love those old Commie brand names!) Media was Fuji 100 color print film with rotgut drugstore processing; the file was created from a 4x6 print scanned on a flatbed scanner.

I stumbled across this old file today, and although I liked the image, it didn't have much snap - not something that I would want to post. Then I realized I had not given it my 80-20 Photoshop Treatment - so I did that and it responded quite nicely.

Steve, you really need to shoot your FSU stuff more often :).

I really like this shot. You captured a great action pose, and even the little camera tilt seems to accentuate the feeling of it.

That J-8 also has a great "look" to it too.

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