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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Walkaround Camera

Since I've been downtown, there have been any number of photo-opportunities I've passed up because I was walking around camera-less.

Well, you know, sometimes, I just don't want to schlep my Canon Digital Rebel. So I've been thinking for some time about buying a small "walkaround" camera to keep with me pretty much at all times.

Last night, after much research, I took the plunge and ordered a Canon A620. You can read all about it in this review at Digital Camera Resource Page, where the photo below comes from. Other good sources are here, here, and here.
I also considered an SD400, like the one we bought our daughter Leah for graduation earlier this year. But I finally settled on this larger form factor - it's about the same size as my first digital camera, a Canon A40. The A40 still serves well - Sandy uses it all the time for her kindergarten class, and I even take it along sometimes.

At 2MP, the A40 can yield surprisingly good 8x10 prints - but that's about the absolute limit. I wanted a camera that could give me great 11x14 and 13x19 prints. With a 7MP sensor, the A620 might fit that bill - it's hard to say until I try it (keep in mind that pixels aren't all the same - the 7MP of the A620 are each much smaller than the 6MP of my Digital Rebel - and that translates to noise.)

I ordered the camera and a 1GB SD card from Newegg.com, an outfit that I've used many times before for both computer and photo equipment. They tend to be very fast in terms of shipping, so maybe by New Years' Day, I'll have something to tell you about my new Walkaround Camera.

hi Steve,

I am eagerly anticipating your real world review of this camera because I am thinking about adding a smaller form factor digicam to my arsenal as well.

Hi Steve,

I think this is a super choice for a smaller walkabout thing. I really that this one has the flip-out lcd.

And I also like the ability to shoot in manual mode and control the aperture yourself (something my little camera does not allow).

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
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