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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


One Down, One to Go...

Sandy and I were blessed with the unmitigated nachas of seeing our first-born walk across the stage Sunday afternoon in College Park to receive her B.A. Leah earned a double major in Communication and Sociology from University of Maryland, and we're very proud of her.

Leah's 1st Day of School, September 1989 Posted by Hello

Leah and Ben share a laugh after the graduation ceremony Posted by Hello

Now we're all rooting for her in her search for her first professional-level job. She's hoping to land a position with a media company, doing public relations or promotions.

Meanwhile, as a graduation present, Leah asked for a digital camera. She did some research and thought she would like a Canon SD400, which we did go out and buy for her.

Naturally, being the concerned father that I am, I wanted to make sure the camera worked fine before we gave it to her, so... I took some photos with it.

I have to say that even thought the SD400 is basically a point-and-shoot, I'm very impressed with it. Smaller than a deck of cards, it nevertheless has an excellent lens coupled with Canon's outstanding image sensor and electronics. Rounded out with good ergonomics and a 2-inch LCD display, it's a pleasure to use. Here are a few shots to show you what it can do:

SD400 Desktop Fantasy Posted by Hello

SD400 - Small Section of "Desktop Fantasy" Posted by Hello

SD400 Calculator Posted by Hello

SD400 Candy Jar Posted by Hello

Hi Steve,

First day, last day. How cool to have photos of these two big events. I wish Leah much success in the job search.

I'm glad you gave the link to her camera review -- it's a more modern version of mine, more fully featured and weighs 50 grams less! I don't have any regrets (yet) over my purchase and am continually amazed at the quality that comes in such a small package.

Portability continues to be a big factor for me and it very well might be for your daughter as well.

The SD400 does rock. Anandtech just did a review on it against other ultra-compact cameras and it came out on top.

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