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Friday, December 23, 2005


Moonrise Over Legg-Mason

Prototype for the Legg-Mason Building
Moonrise Over Legg-Mason, Baltimore It pays to keep looking up! Heading back to work from my excursion to photograph 300 E. Lombard Wednesday, I happened to see this waning moon hanging in the sky near the Legg-Mason building.

Now, by the way, the two building in this photo are not among the few handsome ones that Baltimore has to offer. Oh, they look OK here, but you should see them full-face.

The Legg-Mason Building (background,) finished in 1973, was designed by graduates of the Louvered Cupboard School of Architecture. To add insult to injury, the 529-foot building is the tallest in Baltimore, and indeed, the tallest building on the Eastern seaboard from here to Charlotte.

The foreground edifice, The Gallery, well... it's just too awful to include in the same post - it'll have to wait for another time. Like an aging actress, The Gallery actually has a good side, or maybe even two good sides, but the front - the facade facing Harborplace, is a Frankenstein-like assemblage of mismatched pieces.

That horror story, however, is for another time.

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