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Monday, December 19, 2005


BillG and Melinda - Persons of the Year!

I don't know much about that guy with the shades on the 2005 Time magazine Persons of the Year cover, but I do know quite a bit about the man and the woman flanking him.

There isn't much more that I can say about BillG that I haven't already said in this post, so let me just offer my congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Gates for the well-deserved honor of being chosen as Persons of the Year by Time.

Oh, yeah, and mazel tov to that guy in the middle. I hear that he's a real mentch as well.

Interestingly I just was prowling through the submissions to Photofriday's Challenge "Best of 2005" and find that Delineated (on your sidebar) submitted this one as her best:

Bono @ 'Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man'

And I agree that it's a wonderful shot.
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