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Sunday, December 04, 2005


More Atlanta Zoo...

Handsome Vulture Who would have ever thought that a vulture could be beautiful?

Check this guy out - a resident of one of the aviaries at Atlanta Zoo. Not that I would necessarily like to find him flying around inside my house one day, but he is rather striking.

Now, even though it may look like it, I wasn't in the cage with this bird. The front side of the cage was between me and the vulture, but shooting with a long lens, and focusing well behind the mesh in front of me, the wire virtually "disappeared" in the image.

Normally, the saying, "it's the photographer, not the camera, that's important" is absolutely true. But this is a case where the equipment really did make a difference.

Photo BoothFuzzy Visitor Not all the photo action at the Zoo that day involved the permanent residents. Even thought it was early February, it was a beautiful spring-like day in Atlanta, and there were plenty of human photo-ops that day.

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