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Wednesday, May 12, 2004


If It's Any Consolation...

Neon Green Coffee

Still absolutely nothing, not a phone call nor an email, as a result of my photo display at Barnes & Noble. I was starting to get into one of those "why is this happening to me?/am I not good enough?" moods when I got this nice note from Heath Sandall of Fairbanks, AK.


I came across your website a while back from seeing Dave Beckerman's post about it. I've really enjoyed reading your blog.

One thing that I can empathize with is your bookstore show. I just had my first "solo show" at a bookstore and it was a TOTAL flop. I didn't get a single order or even an email about it. In person, people had nice things to say, but that was just the opening night. I learned a few things from that.

  • I was glad I went into it with almost 0 expectations,

  • If you want to sell off a wall, art galleries are probably the way to go.

  • Take care.


    Heath, thanks a million for your support! Now that I've had my "opening" at B&N, I'm going to take your advice and hit some of the art galleries in Annapolis.

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