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Saturday, May 08, 2004


A Marketing Flop? ...

Well, I was at Barnes & Noble in Annapolis tonight to see if I needed to leave some more brochures or business cards for my photo exhibit there. No need - there were still plenty there.

B&N doesn't actually sell the photos there, but the idea is that with the contact information on the brochures, people would call or email me to order prints.

In fact, so far, the only photos I've sold so far came from a Monday-morning coffee clatch at B&N where my wife meets with other women from our Temple once or twice a month. Sandy pitched my photos (they were all sitting right by them) and sold a few. I'm gonna have to give her commission I guess.

Well, it's still early in the month, and the exhibit does stay up until May 31st. But I have to admit I'm still a bit disappointed. Rejection is hard to take, even at age 54.

Time for a Serious Amateur Photographers Anonymous meeting.

This is just a test comment. Things seem to be working funny - for weeks, I didn't get email notification on comments - no I just got notification but saw no comment on the post.
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