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Sunday, May 09, 2004


Happy Mother's Day!

Sandy and Leah, 1984

Here are my wonderful wife Sandy and our first-born, Leah, twenty years ago! I was thinking about these pictures over the last few days as Mother's Day approached.

Long before she met me, Sandy knew she wanted to be a career Mom. When I met her, she was a newly-minted kindergarten teacher. She was a natural Mom right from the start, but she continued to learn and grow over the years. Like any professional, she takes her work seriously, and has fun doing it. Now, with our babies age 22 and 18, and almost launched into the world, she's once again "mothering" little ones, having returned to her old career as a public school kindergarten teacher.

So, sweetheart, I wanted to let everyone on the Internet know how much I admire and love you and what a lucky guy I am!

And Happy Mother's Day to all mothers everywhere!

What a great photo. It truly is motherhood in a nutshell ;)
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