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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Useful Clichés

Looking back a last Friday's post, "When You See Red, Shoot It!", made me think about some of my other photographic rules of thumb, or as I call them, "useful clichés.

Here are some I seem to use all the time:

Calling them "clichés" may be a bit too strong - I mean I've made lots of good photos using some of these little ideas. Even better, my "manager" and "photo editor", son Ben, hasn't been saying, "OK Dad, enough of the little bit of something in a lot of nothing schtick!"... yet.

No, I would say that in my personal experience, keeping these clichés" in the back of my mind has been positive and productive. They seem to produce scenes that resonate in my viewfinder and often result in photos that suit my "style", whatever that is.

I'd be very interested in hearing from you as to any Useful Clichés you may be using in your photography... and you're all welcome to try mine! :-)

Now for some examples of photos built on my Useful Cliché of repeating patterns:

420 Regatta

420 Regatta

Precision (US Naval Academy Stadium)


Grate Expectations No. 9

Grate Expectations No. 9

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