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Saturday, May 08, 2004

"Why don't you take a normal picture!" my friend PaulF begs to know.

Paul and I have been friends since 1994, and are now working together again for the third time. I subject him to my "Fine Art" photography every few days, either by bringing a new photo to hang in the "Galleria" (a pushpin stuck in the wall over my computer monitor) or an image I've posted on the Web.

Paul just doesn't have any patience with my "Fine Art Photography", or as he would call it, "artsy-fartsy." He knows what he likes, and it isn't closeups of sewer grates, shots of shopping carts, or studies of peeling paint and rust. And who can blame him?

So I tried to take a "normal" photo for a change, one that I thought Paul would like. Geese on a lake. And he liked it!

And I like it, too! Every once in a while, even us "Fine Art" photographers gotta try to give the People what they want.

Thanks, Paul.

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