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Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I Commend Them For Their Excellent Taste ...

Well, this is a nice surprise! My photo, Concentric Convergence, which I posted here yesterday, was picked as a "Staff Choice" by the staff of Usefilm.com. You can see it here at Usefilm - notice the little "staff choice" rectangle under the photo.

If you click on this rectangle, you'll see the archive of photos previously chosen for this designation. As I browsed through the archive, I was surprised to find my Ginko Leaves in Fountain among the Staff Choices. I posted this one in mid-November, and it was selected as "Photo of the Day," but I was totally aware of this later Staff Choice. It must have been around late April, because Staff Choice is a fairly new designation at Usefilm.

The Fourth-Grader-at-Show-and-Tell in me is smiling. My humble thanks to the staff at Usefilm.com.

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