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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Urban Reflections

Push to CrossThis morning, I got a bit of photo-inspiration from contemplating one of the oldest metaphysical mysteries of all time, one that has puzzled humanity from the ancient Greeks to modern times:
If I push the Push To Cross button, will the light change any more quickly?
And as I stood by the Push to Cross station at Light Street and Market Place and meditated on that timeless enigma, I suddenly noticed, for the first time, that The Button was a nice little fisheye reflector. A little scratched, maybe, but servicable.

So here it is, for your edification. My Mission In Life now is to see if the City of Baltimore might have installed a nice, new, free-of-scratches one somewhere downtown. If I find one, you'll see it, I promise.

Meanwhile, I'll keep my eye peeled for any eye-catching mirrored surfaces downtown - maybe I can make a whole "Urban Reflections" series out of them.

Camden Yards Light Rail Mirror - Baltimore
Meanwhile, waiting for the Light Rail to go home this afternoon, I still had mirrors on my mind. I've shot these Light Rail "fisheye" mirrors before, but not this one at the Camden Yards station.

This southbound mirror has a nice, longish perspective view of both the tracks and the Camden Yards Warehouse (the longest building on the East Coast.) That's the Bromo Seltzer Tower way in the background, at the vanishing point of the overhead lines. Also, one of my favorite Baltimore buildings, 250 W. Pratt Street, is reflected at left.

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