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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Gingko Leaves

OK, summer photo slump is now officiallly over for me.

As Tropical Depression Ernesto blew towards Baltimore Friday, it brought rain and wind. But being that I had planned to go out for Chinese food for lunch, I wasn't deterred. On the way back, I noticed that there were Gingko leaves all over - I love their elegant fan shape and their colors.

The place with the Gingko trees had some outdoor cafe tables that I used to "pose" the leaves for the first three photos.

The last photo is actually a Gingko leaf in the gutter with water flowing over it.

All taken with my Canon A620 "walk-around" digicam.

Hope you like them!

Gingko Bullseye
Gingko Green & Yellow

Gingko Upside Down

Gingko - Go With the Flow

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