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Friday, May 12, 2006


Your Insides Are Out...

Baloon Inflating - Steamboat Spring, CONo new worthwhile photos yet this week, so once again, I went fishing in the archives. I'm always surprised to still be finding a decent image here and there.

This one is from my 2003 trip to Steamboat Springs, CO to attend a workshop with Karen Gordon Schulman. My workshop ended Thursday, and Friday morning, just before leaving for Denver and our flight home, Sandy and I took a hot-air balloon ride. Here's the inside of the balloon as it's being inflated.

Take it easy...

Man, does this bring back memories, Steve. We watched the whole setting up and inflation process of 21 hotair balloons in the Pocono Mtns a couple years ago. Then watched them lift off. We didn't take a ride but I sure would have loved to!
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