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Friday, February 10, 2006


Overlooked Iconography

Pride of Baltimore IINot much time over the past week for making new photos or writing anything too profound, so I'm falling back on the old tried-and-true routine of spelunking among old CD-R's for photos I might have overlooked.

And what do you know - I found one from Baltimore Commie Camera Day 2004, which took place at the Inner Harbor in April of that year. The overlooked image was actually the very first one I took that morning, kind of a warm-up shot in anticipation of the serious photo action upon meeting up with my SovCam Comrades.

But as I looked over the old images, I realized that what I had was a decent photo of the Pride of Baltimore II, a replica of an 1800's Baltimore Clipper built to commemorate Maryland's historic role in shipbuilding. Pride II sails frequently to the four corners of the earth and serves as a goodwill ambassador for Maryland and the Port of Baltimore.

So what found is an iconic image that says, "Baltimore," and one that might just sell.

Oh, and it doesn't hurt that in the background is the frigateUSS Constellation, a Baltimore landmark.

Nice, colorful shot, Steve. So, did you take this with one of your FSU cameras? I'm waiting to see your next installment of Camera History, possibly devoted to your FSU collection? :)

Thanks, Warren! Although it may get me sent to the Gulag for re-education, I must admit that I shot this with the Canon Digital rebel.

I'm enjoying writing the Camera History posts, and I'm glad you like them. Yes, the FSU story is coming soon!... :-)
I thought we saw the USS Constellation, Steve, when we visited Boston awhile back. But when I just checked, it was the USS Constitution! Oh well. Great shot!
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