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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Family Photos

Mittens Seems Confused - Canon Digital RebelI don't take nearly enough family photos. Is that a typical shortcoming of an artsy-fartsy photographer?

Speaking of family, though, I was at my brother's a few weeks ago, and my sister-in-law Janice asked to take some photos of their two cats, Target and Mittens.

This is hard stuff. Years ago, between college semesters, I was the local "photographer to the dogs," but dogs are very easy compared to cats. Now I have a real appreciation for good cat photos.

Target Tolerates a Photo Session - Canon Digital RebelTomorrow, Ben and I are driving to Drexel University in Philadelphia. Ben has appointments with admissions and the computers science department. Now in his second year at community college (a true educational bargain!) he's very interested in continuing at Drexel next year.

After our visit to Drexel, we'll have dinner and then head up the Jersey Turnpike to stay at a motel overnight, then off we go Saturday morning to park in Hoboken and spend the day in New York CIty. Photo opportunities!

Two GREAT photos, Steve. I love the whiskers!!
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