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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Colliding Circles

Colliding Circles
Unfinished words
flying like birds
Colliding circles in the sky

     from Unfinished Words
     The Rutles

Being a big Rutles fan, when I saw the sunlit ends of this stack of storm drainage pipe, it immediately made me think "Colliding Circles."

The phrase presents a compelling image in the Rutles song, Unfinished Words, which was released on the Archeology album in 1996.

What? You don't know about The Rutles? I'm shocked... yes shocked and stunned ... very stunned.

I didn't stumble across this until recently, but there's a great story behind "Colliding Circles", and if you're a Beatles fan, you've got to read it. Here's a link that explains it all, including the Rutles connection.

Oh yeah, the photo? I took it this morning on the way to work as I was passing by a stormwater drainage construction site. My Canon A620 was on the seat next to me (natch!) and I got to fire off a few shots before the sun went behind the clouds and the luminous rust was no more.

I stumbled across your blog tonight. I enjoyed your photographs. I also carry my camera with me to take those spontaneous photos that you miss if you don't have it. Anyway, I bookmarked your blog for future views.

yes, colliding circles is very nice, well done.
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