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Monday, November 28, 2005


Cooperative Python

Crikey! I'd forgotten about some of the photos I took during my visit to Atlanta Zoo back in February. Then I took another look, and there were some good ones I'd never posted. Here's one for today, and I'll post some more over the next few days.

Now, I'm embarrassed to tell you that I don't know quite what kind of snake this is...uh...Python??

If you are a snake maven, please let me know.

Whatever the species, this guy obviously understands something about photo composition. Look how he arranged himself into an arc and a diagonal.


Oh, these photos are super. Especially the lady-orangutan one. What a priceless pose and a perfect shot!

The Atlanta Zoo seems like a cool place. I visited a couple of "zoos" in Spain (and Mallorca) and they were terrible, for the animals and for a photographer.
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