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Friday, November 11, 2005


Morning Walk, Light Rain

I've had some more time the last few days, so I've been going through some photos I took a month ago, when I had just started on this temporary assignment in downtown Baltimore.

It seemed as if the first week or more, every day was overcast and there was some light rain some mornings. Never mind, though, fine weather for a fruitful photography outing.

The Low-Down on the USS Constellation Posted by Picasa

Baltimore is famous for crabs - in fact, the city makes a fetish of using the crab as a local icon. Now I'm not a fan of the crustaceans myself (not Kosher,) but when I saw a bunch of wild-looking crabs show up along my walk to work, I appreciated the photo-opportunities.

Would you believe... I didn't see the "crabcake" pun for this one at all until I had worked on this photo last night for 10 minutes in Photoshop!

Baltimore CrabCake Posted by Picasa

As I walked by this one, adjacent to the paddle boat rental dock, I realized that these crab sculptures were set on bases with titles. This one is indeed called "All American Crab." I liked the way its boldly-colored claws formed a nice frame for the boats in the background, their normally-bright colors muted by their distance through the misty morning air.

Inner Harbor All-American Crab Posted by Picasa

And of couse, if I'm going to walk along the Inner Harbor waterfront with a camera at hand, there isn't any way I'm going to pass by the Dragon Boats without snapping at least a few shots from various angles...

Dragon Boats Again Posted by Picasa

I love it when cities have their icons! In Berlin it's Buddy Bears; in Hamburg it's Water Carriers; here in one part of Atlanta it's Turtles (100 of them). In Detroit it's little cars. Some places it's cows, etc. When different artists paint them, I want to go around and find them all and take pictures of them. A nice collection. If ever I'm in Baltimore, I'll definitely look for the crabs. Thanks for whetting my appetite :)
I haven't visited your blog for a while Steve and it's my loss because there's so much good stuff here to be seen (and read).

These crab photos are wonderful! The first one is my favourite, the framing and the colours -- all super!

And I also like running into commenters here, who are my friends (blogwise and in the "real" world too :-)

How neat is that!
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