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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Most of My Pictures Suck...

Ok, now it's safe for me to admit it. That's because Mike Johnston, in his estimable The Sunday Morning Photographer column, revealed the following:

To be honest, most of my pictures suck. The saving grace of that admission is that most of your pictures suck, too. How could I possibly know such a thing? Because most of everybody's pictures suck, that's how. I've seen Cartier-Bresson's contact sheets, and most of his pictures sucked. One of my teachers said that it was an epiphany for him when he took a class from Garry Winogrand and learned that most of Winogrand's exposures sucked. It's the way it is.
He said it so well, there's no need for me to expound further on this subject. But see the entire artlce, entitled The Magic Bullet, here. And if you aren't reading Mike Johnston's columns regularly, well, you should.

Steve, I LOVE IT! I can now scream "MY PICTURES SUCK!!" and feel proud. I'm in good company.

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