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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


In Good Company - Snaps Magazine

I'm delighted that one of my photos, American Flyer, has been included in the current "issue" of Snaps Magazine.

Thanks to my photobloggin' buddy Prairie Girl for telling me about Snaps Magazine - and check out her contribution to this same issue (scroll down near the bottom of this page, and you will see Prairie Girl's photo, and then a little further down, mine.)

Clay, Snaps' creator, is getting submissions from all over the world for this new photo website. Each month's "issue" has a theme - September's is "Transportation" (hence Prairie Girl's elegant Buick photo and my little green wagon.)

Check out the Snaps archive as well - there are issues back to April 2005.

I'm pleased and honored to be in such good company.

Steve, Congrats on the selection of your picture! your picture and all the others are really excellent.

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