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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Life Before VisiCalc

21st Century Accountant's NightmareI may not be a trash-talking photographer, but I am a trash-photo-taking one.

A few weeks ago, I set out early one morning to take some photos along the nearby Severn River before heading to work.

I had scoped out a neighborhood along the river a few days earlier. There was a nice little dock area with lots of sailboats floating in the calm water, but the light wasn't right. It was just too late in the morning.

So a few days later, I headed out earlier, and as I got to the neighborhood, I saw things looked really good ... the early morning shadows, the early morning light, the early morning... trash?

Sitting out, waiting to be picked up in the morning's haul, was this ... thing from an earlier century. I just had to get out and take a look.

The pretty sailboat shots would have to wait for just a few moments so that I could take some photos of this modern accountant's nightmare.

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