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Saturday, August 28, 2004


Annapolis, Parakalo!

Annapolis, Parakalo!
Annapolis claims to be "The Sailing Capital of the World," and if you walk around the various creeks and inlets here, you can easily believe this boast.

Today, I thought I'd scout out the Eastport side of Spa Creek to see what the downtown Annapolis side looked like from there. I was hoping to get some interesting vistas, but didn't really find a good point of view. On the other hand, I did stumble across a very large boatyard and some interesting boat details.

For example, this beautiful, big wooden boat, "Annapolis." The name on the bow is half in English (well, Latin) characters and half in Greek characters. That makes sense, actually, as the city name, Annapolis, is an English-Greek hybrid, intended to mean "Anna's city", Anna being Queen Anne, who was not yet queen at the time she became the eponym for Maryland's capital.

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