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Saturday, September 04, 2004


There MUST Be Something There!

Chevys Walls & Umbrellas
Ben called me last night to tell me he had a flat tire and was riding on his donut. "Meet me in Edgewater at the tire place tomorrow morning," I said, "and we'll take care of it."

Heading back through the edge of Annapolis from "the tire place", we passed by Chevy's, a Mexican restaurant with boldly-colored stucco walls and big, bright umbrellas shading an outdoor terrace.

Chair Window Clouds"There must be something there!" I thought. Shapes, colors, light - what else do I need.

Ben and I continued up to Severna Park to meet Sandy for lunch at China Buffet. Afterwards, I drove Ben back to Edgewater to pick up his newly-shod car, and I headed back to Chevys to see what I could see.

Into Chevy's parking lot and up close, things still looked good. But then I took quite a few shots and just didn't feel as if I had anything worthwhile.

I was ready to leave and decided to take a few more photos. These were the among the last four exposures, and I think they look pretty good.

Shapes, colors and light - I knew there had to be something there. You just have to work it sometimes.

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