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Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Figure Study

Rock NudeOK, let's get something straight right now. This is absolutely as close as I'll ever get to photographing nudes. My wife is worried that I'll get arrested taking pictures off of the Weems Creek Bridge in Annapolis. You think she'll let me get near any nudes? Fagedaboudit!

Actually, this is a rock sculpture of a mother bear holding her cub. Located on Wincopin Circle in downtown Columbia, MD, I stumbled across it a few weeks ago on a mission to buy stamps walking from work to the post office. I just liked the shape and texture of the rock and played with it for a few exposures.

I forgot about these images altogether until a few days ago, when I happened to run across them looking for something else. I laughed out loud when I realized that this picture looked like nothing so much as a naked tuchis.

And that's the bare truth.

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