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Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Where's Yasser?

Contest for today: How many Palestinian flags can you find in the photo at top of yesterday's post? The first person to email me with the correct answer gets a prize.

Bonus question: How many of those Palestinian flags are correctly displayed?

By the way, I took this picture on April 12, 2003, while on a visit to my in-laws in Ottawa. I was minding my own business when, schlimazel-like, I ran smack into this anti-US protest.

One of the really cool things was that being good Canadians, the protest was bilingual ... "No blood for oil!... pas de sang pour petrol!"

No kidding, for a few moments, I happened to walk just to the left of this little fireplug of a woman with a pleasant, freckled Irish-redhead face and a keffiyeh wrapped around her shouldlers, somebody's soccer mom from Blackburn Hamlet, maybe. She was the "cadence caller" for this rally, and while she held her bullhorn microphone in her right hand, I noticed that in her left she was holding the script for the rally!

A bilingual script, naturellement!

Useful Clichés Redux

Red Ball in Ivy
Ah, back to photography!

In May, I spent a few posts talking about what I call useful clichés in photography. These are little seed elements that sometimes can be the basis of a making a good image, like using a strong diagonal, repetitive shapes, etc. One of the "clichés" that I thought I used a lot was a little bit of something in a lot of nothing. As it turned out, I was surprised that I couldn't find any really good examples in my own work.

Well, this weekend, I was editing about 200 photos I took for a bat mitzvah recently, when I ran across what I think is a pretty good exemplar of this kind of image. This one is of the subspecies, a little bit of one color in a lot of another color, but the idea is the same. And yes, it was in among all those bat mitzvah photos. I remember now that I spotted the bright red ball in the ivy when I went outside my clients' house to shoot the kids having a ball in the Moon-Jump they rented for the afternoon.

A little bit of naches, a little bit of "art."

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