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Thursday, July 15, 2004


Dave Beckerman Appreciation Day

Kittamaqundi Pier
Dave Beckerman, whose Mother of All Photo Blogs helped inspire me to get back into photography after over 20 years, is a master of B&W. You should see what he can do with a some rolls of Ilford XP2 and a few liters of chemicals.

The Force is strong with Dave, and until a few short weeks ago, he had resisted the Dark Side - digital photography. But on an otherwise ordinary Wednesday in early July, a trip to buy an inkjet cartridge went awry, and Dave ended up coming home with a Canon A75. He's already done some great work running around NYC with his new camera. And unlike me, he has a great eye for B&W and is succeeding in producing super B&W images from his little digital delight. My favorite so far is an elegant composition, Pacifier.

So today's post is in appreciation of Dave, and in his honor, my photo today is ... Black & White!

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