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Monday, July 12, 2004


PC Tzuris

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Tzuris (TSOO-ris)is one of those great, expressive Yiddish words. Leo Rosten, in The Joys of Yiddish defines it as "troubles, woe, worries, suffering."

Well, I've got PC tzuris - not Politically Correct - the computer kind. My desktop computer's on-board network chip doesn't work anymore, and the PC keeps suddenly rebooting itself. My notebook, on some tasks, has slowed to a crawl - I think that one is a case of Operating System Decay rather than anything hardware-related. So I've decided to back up files that I need on both computers, then reformat and reinstall their respective operating systems.

So that was pretty much my weekend - I spent hours getting files from my desktop, mostly .jpg images, burned onto CDs. It was frustrating work, as the PC kept on rebooting itself, sometimes in the middle of a burn. I threw out a stack of CDs that were half-written but unusable, since the session wasn't closed out when the computer went flooey.

I know, I know, I shoulda been backing up all along, but I didn't, so don't remind me - I have enough tzuris to deal with right now!

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