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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Philly Boy

Ben Rosenbach - Philly BoyThis photo is out of order, it's actually from this past Saturday, when we drove our baby boy Ben to Philadelphia. But that's because we were just too tired Sunday, after the monumental move to Ben's new home while he's attending Drexel University.

The Big Move involved the whole family, with Sandy (Mom) and sister Leah all pitching in. Ben's stuff needed a rental van, stuffed to the gills, as well as the entire cargo space of Sandy's Hyunda Tuscon. Of course, I took every opportunity Saturday to remind Ben that "...when I went to school, I had one suitcase." But then, in the Paleolithic Age, we didn't need as much because most of the "student essentials" just didn't exist back then.

Ben will start classes next Monday as a "pre-Junior" in Information Sciences. Like his old man, he grew up in the suburbs, but he definitely likes being in a big city (Drexel is a stone's throw from downtown Philly) so I think he'll be very much at home in the City of Brotherly Love.

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