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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Inner Harbor Evening Stroll

Hard Rock Reflection - Baltimore Inner HarborI headed home from work yesterday evening at about 6:30 PM and, as usual, walked along the Inner Harbor towards the Camden Yards Light Rail station. Not being in a particular hurry, I stopped to take a bunch of photos of the vivid reflections of the old Power Plant in the glass wall of the National Aqaurium.

The old buildings, which now house a Hard Rock Café and a Barnes & Nobel, were fully "lit up" by the sun, hanging low in the Western sky. Exposure was a bit of a problem - 1/25th second using a telephoto zoom setting, but I was able to push the flat bottom of my Canon A620 against the wall of the Aquarium's ticket building to stabilize the camera.

I took about 20 shots this way, waiting each time for passerby to lend some scale and interest to the scene. The slow shutter speed emphasized the movement of all but the slowest walkers. This young family was my favorite.

Dockside Chairs - Baltimore Inner HarborWalking on a little further, I noticed an opportunity to combine two of my favorite Inner Harbor subjects - the elegant steel-wire chairs and the lightship Chesapeake, both features of the area in front of the National Aquarium. OK, so maybe you can't tell it's the Chesapeake - take my word for it. It's handsome red hull served as a fine background to show off the nice lines of the chairs.

I am always so struck by the beauty and authentic eye that you bring to what you photograph. These are both wonderful.
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