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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Hangin' In There (cont'd)...

Thanks to a suggestion by the talented Warren T and others, here is a composite of the 10 photos that I sold to the mortgage company.

Sorry for the small sizes - you can see most of them more clearly in either my "Annapolis" portfolio or my "Baltimore" portfolio on Usefilm.com.

Hi Steve,

I understand you were commissioned to shoot these pictures. What was your assigment? I just want to understand the relationship between what the buyer asked for and the subjects that you chose to shoot.


Wow, Steve. What a nice collage. As I say so often about photos I like, they'd make great jigsaw puzzles!
Hi Warren,

I got the stories mixed up - these 10 photos were purchased from my "stock" photos. But there is a link between how I got this order and the photos I was commissioned to do - thanks for reminding me about them - I'll post the story on those soon.

Ginnie - thanks again for your kind comments!

- SteveR
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