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Monday, January 16, 2006


Hangin' In There...

Steve Rosenbach photos decorate the mortgage company office

Here are, in situ, some of the ten photos that a local mortgage company bought from me to decorate their new office. They are all 13x19 prints made on my Canon i9900 printer from images out of my Canon Digital Rebel.

That $25 course I took last winter at a local craft shop on how to cut my own mats came in handy on this job (they wanted framed and matted photos.)

I have to say, with all due modesty, that the prints do look pretty good. One thing that still amazes and delights me is that, at least as far as color prints go, I can get far better results from a digital image out of my DSLR than I ever was able to get with prints from 35mm transparencies.

Editor's Note: Based on a comment by one of our more astute readers, it's clear that the writer of this post did not clearly explain what's going on here. It should be noted that what was sold was 10 large, framed photographs. The photo that accompanies this post shows a few of those photographs after they were hung in the mortgage company office.

We have threatened to reduce his salary if he continues to write in this foggy manner.

Hi Steve, congrats again on your big sale. I was wondering if you happen to have all 10 pictures grouped together online somewhere so that I can see which images you sold.


I am confused. You mean they bought photos of cubicles to hang in their, ... cubicles?

The photo is wonderful but I just don't quite get it.
I am an idiot! Forgive me, please. When I first looked at this I really only saw the "big" picture not the individual pictures contained therein. Nothing wrong with your writing :-)
Congratulations, Steve! How wonderful for you! And did I miss the photo of the photos? or is that coming?!
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