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Friday, June 03, 2005


Light Reading

When I was a young guy in my first incarnation of being a photographer, I used to constantly read about photography. I remember when I lived in my first apartment in downtown Baltimore in the prehistoric, pre-Web days of the early '70's, I would often ride to BWI Airport to buy Modern Photography - that was the first place in the area where it would hit the newstands.

About three years ago, when I once again Saw The Light and rekindled my interest in photography, I once again did a lot of reading. In fact, a lot more reading than picture-taking.

It wasn't until late 2002, when I started shooting more than reading, that my photography started to improve. The point I'm trying to make, in the wisdom of my old age, is that it's more important to do than to read about doing.

That being said, it still pays to read about photography, provided that what you read is well-written and by those who know of what they speak.

Although I'm not particularly into landscape photography, I am particularly impressed by the content and level of writing at Michael Reichmann's Luminous Landscape. Michael is an amazing photographer and a gifted explainer. At this site, you'll find colorful travelogues, equipment reviews, and lots of articles that will help your understanding of photography - both film and digital.

One feature you can find at Luminous Landscape, as well as various other photo websites, is The Sunday Morning Photographer. This is a regular column of articles about photography by Mike Johnston. Mike is a well-known editor in the photo world as well as a talented photographer. While a lot of his columns are equipment-oriented, he also often writes about more touchy-feely, "zen" sort of aspects of photography - and I have to say, I like those articles best of all.

Another great reasource is Vivid Light Photography. The format is like an online monthly magazine, and back issues are viewable. Like a magazine, Vivid Light has a number of regular contributors, all very talented.

So if you haven't already, give some of these resources a try. Then go out and put into practice some of the things you find there. Just remember, it is more important to do than to read about doing!

SD400 Markers By Window Posted by Hello

Another super photo and thanks for the site links. I was familiar with Luminous Landscape (great tutorials) but not with the other one.

Prairie Girl
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