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Monday, June 20, 2005


Mom's Birthday Trip to NYC

Mom turned 75 last week, and for her birthday, I took her to New York City on Sunday. She had always wanted to see the Guggenheim Museum, so that's what we did first. The main exhibit was of art by Hilla Rebay, a talented woman who was involved in a very soap-opera way with Mr. Solomon Guggenheim, the founder of the museum. Mom and I found both the art and the soap opera very interesting.

After we had our fill of the Guggenheim (it's pretty small, as museums go,) I suggested we walk a few blocks south to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met, for those who have never been, is one of the top museums in the world; the breadth and depth of its holdings are amazing.

As luck would have it, the Met now has a special exhibition on Coco Chanel, which instantly appealed to Mom. Then Mom asked if there were impressionists, like Monet, in the museum. Well, it turns out there is almost a whole wing of 'em, so we spent almost an hour, with Mom happily viewing Monets, Manets, C├ęzannes, Pizzaros, Degas, and Rousseaus (Rousseaux?)

I never realized this before, but during the spring, summer, and fall, the Roof Garden of the museum is open. There's a bar and some interesting modern sculpture, but without a doubt, the biggest attraction here is the view of Central Park and the city beyond.

Looking South from Metropolitan Museum of Art Roof Posted by Hello

After leaving the museum, we took a taxi to get lunch, then a subway to Lexington and 59th, for a short dash into Bloomingdales. From that point on, we walked for the rest of the afternoon, eventually coming to the pick-up point for our bus on 46th Street near Broadway.

Along the way, we walked down that great stretch of Fifth Avenue from 59th to Saint Patrick's. At one point, I turned to look back over my shoulder and saw this:

Trump Tower from 5th Avenue & 56th Street Posted by Hello

Dear Steve,

What a lovely gift you gave your Mom and what beautiful photos you have given to us.

I love the first one just a tad better than the 2nd. I wonder, did you use a special wide-angle lens for that shot?

In any case I think the "virtual" framing adds to the art-gallery-ness of this post and I thank you for giving us this post as well as all the others you have written.

Thanks, PG! I think in both cases, I used the "kit" lens that came with the camera - a Canon EF-S 18-55 mm zoom. Used with the Canon Digital Rebel (or Rebel XT or Canon 20D) it has an equivalent field of view as about 29-89 mm on 35mm format.

The photo from the Met roof used the full wind setting of 18mm, and the Trump Tower shot used something more on the telephoto end, I think.
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