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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Why Is This Post Different Than All Other Posts?

I've been too busy or too tired to blog lately, so now I have to make up for lost time with old news...

It was a a very special and joyous Pesach (Passover) this year, as Andi and Joe Preston, my aunt and uncle from Birmingham, were with us for Seder.

Joe is my Mom's baby brother - he's just five years older than me, so we grew up together like brothers. Joe just turned 60 this past Groundhog's Day, on which day he reported that he saw his shadow, and we did indeed have six more weeks of winter after that.

Visits from Joe always require certain rituals, the most important of which is the Mom baking one of her famous mandeltorten, Joe's absolute favorite. He claims that he won't come North to see us in the absence of a guarantee of a mandeltorte.

Mom's Famous Mandeltorte! Posted by Hello

Mom's mandeltorte, by the way, is made from a batter that includes ground almonds and some matzoh meal - no flour or other chametz that would render it unkosher for Passover. She does make it other times of the year, but it's a special treat for Passover.

Barnes & Noble Exhibit

This past Sunday, I hung an exhibit of my photos at Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Ellicott City (4300 Montogmery Road, Ellicott City, Maryland, if you're in the neighborhood.) The photos will be on display all through May.

The display area is adjacent to the mens and ladies rooms, which the store manager tells me is actually a very good, high-traffic spot. Come to think of it, every time I've been in that store, I've used the facilities.

Latest Venue for SteveR's Photos Posted by Hello

This is my second show at a Barnes and Nobel - the first one was last May in Annapolis. This time, I'm showing a mix of print sizes from 5x7 to 13x19. B&N doesn't actually sell the photos, but they allow exhibitors to leave out brochures. Last year, I did get a few sales as the result of the show in Annapolis.

So for now, I'm sitting back and waiting for the orders to start rolling in...

The cake looks and sounds very tasty -- how nice that your Mom still takes the time to bake such special things.

And the photo sale. I wish you luck and I recognize most of the photos you have chosen and think that they will definitely sell! Location, location, location ;-)

-- Prairie Girl
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