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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Give It Time

Sometimes you have to step back and give it some time...

Locomotion - B&O Railroad Museum Posted by Hello

Back in mid-January, I spent about an hour in the yard adjacent to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum in Baltimore, trying hard to get back into the swing of image-making and thinking I wasn't doing so well.

Even when I got back home and looked at the shots on-screen, I wasn't very impressed.

But I've found it's always worthwhile to go back and have another look. I did that last night with the B&O photos, and did find a few that now look worthwhile.

I took a lot of pictures of locomotive wheel sets that day. The one above is my favorite. I like the tonality (click on the photo to see a larger image) and basically, I think it's a nice composition. Oddly enough, it's the very first photo I took that session.

If I could change one thing, I'd have the museum hoist the engine and somehow push the main rod (the large gray bar) rearward, so that the big end of the eccentric crank (that big white thing at the end of the main rod) points to the lower left corner of the image. Ah, well. Hmmm... maybe someday I'll get good enough to photoshop it that way?

Seeing Red

Camp Car Window - B&O Railroad Museum Posted by Hello

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while know by now that I can't resist shooting anything that's got a good, deep red in it. And look what I found... this great red image of a crinkle-glass window (is that the technical term for it?) set in a wonderfully red parlor car.

This is a Pullman coach that at some point was converted to a "camp car", which I think means a car reserved for use by the railroad line as an rolling office or such.

I think this one will make a good 13x19 print on my new Canon i9900 printer. Speaking of which, I promise, I'll tell you about that Real Soon Now.

Steve, I like the wheel shot too. It's funny how the first shot in a series often turns out to be the best :). For me, the positioning of the crank is just fine. It gives nice counterpoint to the circles.
Interesting blog I found it while I was searching for canon powershot s410 sites and learned some good stuff here thanks!
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