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Friday, January 28, 2005



Yes, as of today, I am, at least in some quarters, a Senior Citizen!

What the heck happened? I remember the amazing surprise 40th birthday party Sandy threw for me as if it were last week. Leah was 7, Ben was 3. Fifteen years have gone by in a flash.

So will I turn around next week and find that I'm seventy?

Not all is bleak, though. Denny's and IHOP will now give me Senior discounts and I can join the Arnold Senior Center and take basket-weaving or whatever for fifteen bucks a course.

Presents will be graciously accepted. Send money - cash or PayPal will do just fine. My Canon i9900 13"x19" printer just arrived, and it's not that the printer cost so much (it did, but I saved my pennies for it,) but the eight colors and 13x19 paper will soon bankrupt me.

Dejunking After All These Years

Disaster Area - FEMA To Arrive Soon
Ah, I remember now what I've been doing these past fifteen years - piling crap up in my basement office.

That desk you see here is a hollow-core door - they're pretty big, right? And as you can see, it was pretty hard to see any door surface showing through all the junk.

Beyond Hope
But the desk was the good side of the office. Take a gander at the disaster on the other side!

All this detritus was a blight on my Glorious Soviet Camera Collection, too - it was overwhelmed by the papers and bits and pieces of anything and everything that I'd throw there.

It was actually kind of like an archeological dig site. There were layers of artifacts - you could dig down and find photos I took in 2002, family history research I did in 2001, and so forth.

A New Dawn
I had planned to tackle the office weeks ago, and the longer I put it off, the crabbier I got.

In desperation, I made a valiant effort over the past few days. Getting started was the toughest part, but once I got over that hump, I was on a roll. I used the basic two-pile method - one to keep and one to get rid of. The "get rid of" pile grew and grew ... and look! I can see the door/desk now!

A New Dawn
It was amazing - out went papers from 1996 that hadn't seen the light of day since... who knows? I also got rid of things like my FoxPro 2.5 manual (that version was released in 1992) and other out-of-date software and books. Anyone want a complete set of Access Advisor Magazine 1993-1996? Too late, it's gone.

Now my Soviet Cameras stand proudly under the gaze of Comrade Gorbachev. I found quite of few "lost" items, too - almost like finding money.

I feel much better now. It just wouldn't do to march into Seniordom carrying around such a load.

Happy Birthday Steve! Hey, good job on the dejunking. How long will that last? :)

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